Memento Database includes three linked components: Mobile Edition, Desktop Edition and Memento Cloud. Mobile and desktop apps provide similar functionality while Cloud allows synchronizing data between clients and devices. Memento started as an Android app, and for the moment, this platform has the most powerful functionality. You can use Memento […]

Why to use?

Database is the most logical and natural way to store big amounts of data. Even if you are not familiar with this term, you obviously use it. Memento Database helps not only in highly specific cases but in everyday life. There are several cases you may need it: Organize your […]


Memento Database is a complex, easy-to-use and customizable solution for database management. It allows creating various types of personal libraries based on the immense list of data types, import data to libraries or add data manually, filter and group entries and work with data sets both on PC and Android-based […]