Creating a Library using a Wizard

If you are new to Memento Database, it will be better to create your first Library using a Wizard. It will guide you through the main settings to reduce the possible mistakes and misunderstandings.

To create a new Library with a little help, choose Add Library option from burger menu at the top-right of the window and tap Wizard. Now, follow the steps you see on the screen:

  1. Enter the Library name
  2. Choose the Icon to mark your Library
  3. Click Add field
  4. Define the Name of the first field
  5. Choose the Field type
  6. Choose the Field role. The field may be used as Name, Description, Status or Thumbnail
  7. Adjust the main settings or go to Advanced ones to set each and every option. You can learn more about specific field attributes here
  8. Click Done
  9. Repeat 3-8 steps as many times as many fields you need
  10. Click Done and Open the newly created Library to start adding entries

Anytime later you will be able to edit each and every setting and field of the created Library. Click burger menu at the top-right corner of the Library tile and choose Edit option to make the necessary changes.

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