Everything is adjustable in Memento Database. To get access to the main app Settings, choose the relevant option from the main menu. Here you can set the following:

  • Database Location option shows where to store the Libraries. You can set the custom path if needed.
  • File Storage option sets the path to attached files. Optionally, you can set whether you want to Copy attached files to storage and, if yes, whether the originals should be deleted from the original storage after copying.
  • Google Account option allows you to link your Memento Database account with Google account to sync the data with Google Sheets easily.
  • Theme option sets the background color for Libraries screen. Light theme is chosen by default.
  • Fonts submenu allows you to define the font, font size and font color of the entries that are going to be used for the Library and separate entries.
  • Editing entries submenu sets when the on-screen keyboard is shown.
  • Backup submenu allows you to change the backup storage. If you have Pro version, you can also backup all attached files.
  • Restore option helps extract one of the previously created backups.
  • Auto backup submenu allows you to set the path where the automated backup is created. Also, you can define the frequency of three auto backup types. By default, Memento Database backups your data when the app is closed, when you sync with Google account and when you switch to the new Library. You can turn any of the mentioned types off or set how often they should perform: no more than once per day, no more than once per hour or every time the condition is met.
  • Reindex option sets the analyzer Memento Database uses to reindex your data. Reindexing may help to search huge databases faster, so if you notice that the app searches for entries slower than usually, consider reindexing the data or change the analyzer type.
  • Clear Search History option removes all searches you have performed recently.
  • Quick search in options sets where Memento Database should look for the keywords to suggest you while searching: in the entry name, description, in both fields or anywhere inside the entry. The search results will appear as a hint, and you will be able to choose the most suitable finding. You can also adjust this option for a certain Library using Library settings.
  • Change Master Password option allows you to set the new password and encrypts your data once again after it is changed. This option is available if at least one Library is protected with password.
  • Reset the master password¬†option allows you to remove the protection from Libraries. Note that all Libraries encrypted with the password will be removed then.
  • App permissions option defines whether Memento Database has access to the Device Storage, Contacts and your Location. It is recommended to grant access to all three for the proper app work.
  • Select date format option helps you to change the date representation used for import, export and synchronization.
  • The address of Memento Server option allows you to change Memento Cloud to your private server.
  • Debug submenu switches the logging on. If you encounter any problems with app, you can collect the logs of usage and send them to us. It will help define the problem.
  • Privacy Policy option redirects you to the full policy used for an app.
  • About option shows the current app version and the license type.

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