Release Notes

  • AI Assistant: Added the ability to create and edit entries using ChatGPT. Where: Open library > Menu > AI Assistants.
  • AI Assistant: Introduced the capability to query ChatGPT based on entry data.
  • Changes in the “Signature” field type. Renamed to “Drawing” with dual functionality – Drawing and Signature (configurable in the field settings).
  • Added the ability to delete local files for libraries uploaded to the cloud, freeing up space in the device’s internal memory. Where: Open library > Menu > Files > Local Cleanup.
  • You can now create tabs corresponding to months or years, displaying entries with respective dates. How to enable: Edit library > Edit a date field > Show as tabs.
  • JavaScript: Added the ability to set default values for an entry in triggers when copying or editing it. The default values are set via the buildDefaultEntry() method.
  • JavaScript: Added the ability to get and set image caption values from scripts.

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