User interface

Memento Databases launches from My Libraries window where you can see the list of all databases you created and own. You can adjust the way how Libraries list looks and do the following essential things:

  • Add Library using the template, the ready-to-go one from online catalog, the special wizard or from scratch
  • Add Group of Libraries to sort and arrange the big collection of databases
  • Edit group you created previously
  • Find and Open by URL a Library from Memento Cloud. To find the needed link, click More item from Library burger menu in Mobile Edition or Properties item from Library context menu in Desktop Edition
  • Change the View of the main window to see the list of libraries as Large tiles (1), Small tiles (2), Icons (3) and List (4)

To navigate via the app, use the main menu. To evoke it, click the burger icon on the left. From menu, you can get access to:

Mobile app: Settings

  • My libraries window described above
  • Any of your previously created Groups
  • Favorite entries from different libraries
  • History of all viewed entries
  • Recycle Bin with all deleted libraries
  • Catalog templates with the libraries shared by the community
  • Cloud Storage with all libraries synced with Memento Cloud
  • App Settings
  • Help resources including the links to help guides, forum, FAQ, app description and more
  • Upgrade window where you can change the best Licensing model for you

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