Licensing Model

Memento Database works for different user needs, and so does its licensing model. We advise you to start with free basic functionality of Android app that includes:

  • Unlimited quantity of local libraries and entries inside the library;
  • 2 libraries synced via Google Drive;
  • 2 protected libraries;
  • 1 chart per library.

With the paid license, you don’t have any limits for synced, protected and backed up libraries and the quantity of charts.

If you are going to use both Mobile and Desktop Edition, consider Free, Lite, Pro or Pro Plus subscriptions for Memento Cloud. The main difference is the available storage (from 50MB to 20GB depending on the plan). Also, Pro and Pro Plus subscriptions allows you to use the full list of features in both Mobile and Desktop apps. Note that Grouping, Filtering and a possibility to add an entry to favorites are available for Pro versions only.

You can compare tariffs here.



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