Why to use?

Database is the most logical and natural way to store big amounts of data. Even if you are not familiar with this term, you obviously use it. Memento Database helps not only in highly specific cases but in everyday life. There are several cases you may need it:

  • Organize your day: important meetings, grocery list, to-do list, recipes;
  • Track your life: sport activity, calories, body fat, health parameters;
  • Control essential things: income and outcome, business contacts;
  • Create comprehensive libraries: for music, movies, books, galleries;
  • Collaborate with a team: work on huge databases with colleagues;
  • Automize calculations inside big sets of data: for accounting and banking;
  • Work with comprehensive listings: with barcodes, pictures, rich text descriptions and boolean variables.

Memento Database makes complex things easier. Huge functionality for experienced users and simplicity for the ones who just want to organize the everyday life are connected in a single solution that do work for numerous cases.

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