Memento Database is a complex, easy-to-use and customizable solution for database management. It allows creating various types of personal libraries based on the immense list of data types, import data to libraries or add data manually, filter and group entries and work with data sets both on PC and Android-based mobile devices.

Unlike other database management tools, Memento Database provides powerful functionality packed into simple user interface that makes it useful both for experienced users and the ones who solve casual problems.

Memento Database core term is Library — the comprehensive analogue of a table. Libraries consist of Fields — the columns of this table. You can use up to 30 Field types including the simple ones like text, boolean or integer, and unique ones — JavaScript, Calculations, geographic locations, Links to other libraries, etc. The set of fields forms a Page, while the set of libraries makes a Group. When the library structure is set, you can add an Entry — a row in the table that contains data.

Regardless the platform, Memento Database allows you the following:

To start using Memento Database, get Android app from Google Play or download and install Desktop edition from the official site.

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