What is Library?

The core term in Memento Database is Library — a table with data. Library is based on relational model of data storing. It consists of columns — data attributes — that are called Fields in Memento, and rows — records with data — that are called Entries. In the meantime, Library has additional features that make it more powerful and flexible than other databases.

Thus, in addition to fields, Library includes Aggregation functionality (sum, average, minimal or maximal) allowing you to use the basic math calculations. Autofill option allows adding huge amounts of data from the open sources using the unique identification (like barcode, for example). And advanced types of fields extend the ways of database usage.

To provide the data integrity, Memento allows you to encrypt and protect the Library. To fill the database easily, you can use Import. To work with the same Library from different devices, there’s a Synchronization functionality.  And finally, you can create your own Library or choose and adjust the one from the big collection of templates.

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