Memento Database has a huge potential for individual usage and much more for the teamwork. Adding users and user groups, adjusting permissions and working with shared Libraries gives you a possibility to edit and fill one database together with many others and still strictly manage how others influence on it.

If you are going to work on Libraries together with colleagues, consider choosing the Licensing plan for a team. All features you get buying the Pro plan, will be available for your team.

In Memento Database, user is a person who has an account and is using the app regardless the device. Several users create a group. Adding groups of users helps minimize your work while adjusting the permissions, because you can define the rules for the whole group at once instead of doing it for each user.

Besides the teamwork, you can share your Library with all Memento Database users. They won’t get access to the data but will be able to create their own Libraries using your template.

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