User is a person with the registered account in Memento Database network. If you know his username or email used for the registration, you can share a Library and data with this person.

Also, you can create accounts for more users if you have the relevant Licensing plan. To add a new user to your license, go to Account menu and click User Manager option. The new window will opened. Here you need to perform the following steps:

Users: Adding a new user

  1. Click Create a new account button. The relevant window will be opened
  2. Type the unique Username
  3. Enter the password two times
  4. Define the email as a user identificator
  5. Click OK to add a user or Cancel to discard changes

If everything is defined correctly, the new user will appear in the list:

Users: A user added to the manager

In addition to the entered info, here you will see the Groups to which the user is added and the Status — Active or Disabled. While the user is active, he can get access to Memento Database and use the features included into your licensing plan. When you disable a user, you may add another one. When at least one Group is created, you can add a user to it from the same table.

Depending on the Licensing plan, you can create 5, 10, 15 or 20 users. If you are going to work with a larger team, please feel free to contact our support team to find a personal solution.

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