To make it easier to an end user to add data to Library, you can use the open sources with data for some specific information like movies, books, music artists, etc. Also, you can set your custom libraries and define personal queries to get info from.

To allow the automatic data adding, follow the steps:

Autofill adjustment

  1. Select Autofill row in the table
  2. Choose the Data source from the list
  3. Define the Field used for search in the data source
  4. Click Add source to define more fields you are going to import:
    Autofill rules
  5. Click Adding an entry to add a new Source field
  6. Adjust the dependency between the fields from your Library and the fields from the database you are going to use and click OK

When everything is set, the end user will be able to autofill the fields using the data from the source you’ve added. Thus, just you need to start typing the name (or other field used for search), and the needed info will be offered.

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