Using Barcode field, you can identify various products and add them to your Library in a few clicks. This field is especially useful for the catalogs of products. It is a good idea to add Barcode field and adjust Autofill settings for the Library and then add entries almost automatically.

To add a Barcode field, open the Library, click Mobile: Add button icon, go to Field and choose the relevant option from the list. Then adjust the typical Field settings: the field name, display role, fonts, dependencies. Also, choose the type of the field: Barcode or QR code.

Now you can associate the barcodes with the entries manually, add new entries using the barcodes or search for the specific entry. Inside the Library screen, Barcode icon will appear. Click it and choose Add or Search options. Both require the Barcode scanner to be installed on your mobile device. While editing or adding an entry manually, you can scan the barcode using the phone camera and Barcode scanner app or enter the code manually.

To add an entry using the barcode, choose the relevant option and then scan the barcode. The entry will be created automatically. If you adjust the Autofill settings and chosen the open database with barcodes, all data inside the entry will be filled without any additional actions from your side.

Search works the same: you just need to scan a barcode, and Memento Database will find the corresponded entries.

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