Memento presents numerous possibilities for the most sophisticated users. Creating relationship between Libraries allows you to make the complex system accessible for the end-user, and avoid the reiterations of entries in the Libraries. There are three types of relationships that are used in database design: one-to-oneone-to-many and many-to-one. To learn more about the difference, visit Linked fields article from the Desktop section.

To establish the relationship between two or more libraries, make sure to add the Link to Entry field while Creating or Editing the Library. Once chosen, you need to:

  • set the Field name
  • choose how you wish to Display this field
  • set Advanced parameters: choose the Library to link to, pick the Type of relationship, set Dependencies
  • configure Validation options
  • add Attributes — those are the options you will need to fill in after you have added a new entry to the linked Library, or chosen the existing entry

After fulfilling the required information, press Create to add a new field. Save the changes in the Library.

The end-user will see the added Link to Entry field with two options: Add a new Entry to the linked Library, or Choose an existing entry from the said Library.

If you link Libraries, you might find the Lookup field type useful. After adding a Linked field, you can display additional information about the entry from the linked library with this field. Here is what you can customize within the Lookup field type while Creating or Editing the Library:

  • Set the Field name to define how it shows up in the Library
  • Set Lookup parameters: choose the Library and the Field there to get the information from
  • Set how to Display this field in the Library
  • Add Dependencies if needed

For example, you have a library with recipes that you cook, and you wish to display the type of wine that goes well with a certain dish. At the same time, you have a library with various wine types. You would need to add the Link to Entry field in the recipes library to the wine library, then add the Lookup field with Lookup Parameter > Field > Wine type. After that, when you add the wine to your recipe, the type will show up automatically in the recipes library entry.

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