How to add a Library?

Libraries are the main component of Memento, so you can’t skip the creation of one. To add a Library, open Memento, and make sure the correct tab is chosen: while on the Local tab, you will create a Library that is stored on your device; while on the Cloud tab, you will create a Library that is stored in your personal account. Please note, that you can change the type of Library from Local to Cloud, and vice versa, at any time. To do so, long-press the Library you want to move, and choose the relevant option from the menu.

Once the correct tab is chosen, click Create library, or press the  icon in the upper-right corner. Now you need to choose how you would like to create a Library:

  • Start from scratch option is quite straightforward: you have full control over all the options Memento provides.
  • Online catalog provides a rich choice of pre-made Libraries created by other users.
  • From file section allows importing an existing Library from your file system.
  • Templates section has some pre-made Libraries you can start with.

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