In Memento, the data added to the Library is shown as a list of entries. You can check your data in a fancier way using Charts. To create a Chart, follow these steps: Open the Library you want to add the Chart to Click on the three-dot menu on the […]


Memento Database for iOS is an amazingly easy way to manage your data using Libraries. Here are several main features that will make your database experience pleasant: Online catalog and Templates will help you create your first library in a few clicks, and get acquainted with other amazing features Memento […]


Memento allows you to implement small pieces of code that use the existing fields as variables, and compute the result based on this data. To do so, add a JavaScript type of field while Creating or Editing the Library, and follow these steps: Set the Name for this field Arrange […]

Memento Cloud Storage

Memento allows you to save your Libraries in the Cloud, and have access to them from any device with the Memento app. You can also share the libraries with other users registered in Memento. To use Memento Cloud Storage, you need to register an account. By default, you get access to […]


Using Filters can help you fish out the needed entries from the most overcrowded library in a few clicks. To create a new Filter, follow these steps: Open the Local or Cloud library you want to manage Click on the three-dot menu on the upper-right side, and choose Filter Tap on […]


Group parameter permits Memento users to divide the data by the common characteristic in a certain library. Once set up, your entries will show as groups in the library. To set up a Group, follow these steps: Open the Local or Cloud library you want to manage Click on the […]

Sort the data

Memento provides you with all the features you may need while managing the data. You can customize how you Sort the entries within the library using various parameters. By default, all entries are sorted depending on the time of their creation, to change that, follow these steps: Open the Local […]

User and User Groups

User is a person with a created account in the Memento Database network. It is possible to add users to manage the shared Libraries, or create User Groups if your subscription plan allows you to do so. This can simplify the collective management and sync of the Libraries. To access […]

Change the view

Depending on the library type, you may want to change the way your entries are displayed in the library. To change the view, tap on  in the lower-left corner, then choose the preferred option. Memento offers you these options: Hide or Show aggregation to manage whether you want to display […]

Customize an entry

Memento allows editing entries after they are created, so no worries if you made a mistake, we’ve got you! There are also other options for added entries, you can access them by tapping a three-dot menu in the upper-right corner. We will look through the options from the contextual menu […]