Change the view

Depending on the library type, you may want to change the way your entries are displayed in the library. To change the view, tap on  in the lower-left corner, then choose the preferred option. Memento offers you these options:

  • Hide or Show aggregation to manage whether you want to display the Aggregation result
  • Change the way the entries are shown:
    • Map option displays the locations connected to the existing entries on a map. Tap an entry to get more information about it. This option is available if the library has the Location field type
    • Grid option shows the entries in a table-like structure
    • List option is the default one: the entries are displayed one-by-one in a list
  • Choose what entries to view:
    • Recycle bin displays the deleted entries
    • Favorites has all the entries you have marked as Favorites previously
    • Entries is the default option — browse the existing entries with this one

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