Memento Cloud Storage

Memento allows you to save your Libraries in the Cloud, and have access to them from any device with the Memento app. You can also share the libraries with other users registered in Memento.

To use Memento Cloud Storage, you need to register an account. By default, you get access to the basic functionality of Memento DB and have 50MB of Memento Cloud Storage. You can switch to the new Subscription Plan with advanced features and extend the available online storage. To find your best plan, learn more about the Licensing model.

So, back to the account: press the Cloud tab, then click Sign in. You can use the existing credentials, or create a new account from this page. Using a Google account to log in is also possible. Once logged in, you will see your username, available cloud space, and Cloud libraries in the Cloud tab.

Memento account also allows you to manage the Users and User groups.

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