User interface

Once you launch Memento Database, you see the list of the Local libraries that you have created previously. Use 4 tabs to navigate the app – Local, Cloud, Favorites, and Menu:

  • Local tab shows the Libraries that are created locally on your device
  • Cloud tab displays the Libraries tied to your Memento account 
  • Favorites tab contains the Libraries that you Added to Favorites
  • Menu tab provides such info as Account, Help links, Maintenance, License and Version of the application

Local, Cloud, and Favorites tabs have a lot in common: the  icon above allows you to add a new library (not available for Favorites), and  helps you choose how to display the Libraries. Here is how you can customize it:

  • Choose whether List or Grid view
  • Sort by Name or Created Date
  • Choose the order – Ascending or Descending

Right under the name of a tab you can see the Search bar, use it to find exactly the library you need.

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