Autofill allows using the existing open sources to add data to your Library, such as games, books, music, and others. Thanks to this option, the end-user does not have to add the needed information manually and uses the pre-defined info instead. You can enable Autofill while creating a Library, or while Editing it:

  • Click Autofill to begin, then press Add autofill.
  • Now you can choose the preferred Data source. You have the following options available:
    • Games DB contains information about numerous video games
    • Board Games DB has info about the board games
    • Books DB presents you with basic info about the books
    • Albums DB gathers information about music albums
    • Movies DB contains info about the films
    • Shows DB has information about the TV series
    • Entries DB presents you with the entries you have used in your Libraries
    • JavaScript DB allows creating an Autofill using a script

Let’s pretend you want to make a Library that will contain your impressions over the games you have played, so you can choose Games here.

  • Choose the Input field for search: where the end-user should start putting in the text for the Autofill to complete.
  • Once chosen, click on that Autofill option to specify the Rules. Now you can assign Autofill for the existing fields in your Library.

Since we have an example with video games, you might need some visual representation in your Library: click on Cover option, and then choose the Image-type field that is already added to your Library. Keep adding new Rules to fulfill your needs. If you see that you don’t have a necessary field in the Library, you can always go back and add one more Field. If you are not sure what type of field you need, check the relevant article.

  • Make sure to Save the changes, and you’re good to go.

All done, now when the end-user attempts to enter the name of the entry, the chosen fields will be filled automatically based on the Rules you have set.

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