Fields are the core element of any table. Once you’ve finished with the Main settings of the new Library, it’s time to add some fields.  

To create a new field, switch to Fields tab, click Mobile: Add button button and choose the needed field type. Depending on the type, fields have different properties and dependencies and used for various types of data. We advise you to learn more about types in the relevant article before you go.

Each field has a Name, and this setting is required. Also, you may set the number of other parameters depending on the chosen field type. There are several common parameters you may found in most fields:

  • Hint sets a prompt text that will be shown to Library end user to help fill the data properly
  • Default value defines the data that will be added to this field once an entry is created
  • Required option sets whether the field must be filled or not

Other parameters are shown for the specific field. For example, integer and real fields may include a Calculator button or Units of measure; adding an image field, you can define the picture Orientation: vertical or horizontal; creating a Boolean (Checkbox) field, you can adjust where the user will be able to edit it: after he opened an entry card or just viewing the list of Library entries.

Display options section defines how the user will see the entry inside the Library. You can set specific fields as the Name, Description, Status or Thumbnail of the entry or you may leave the field as regular, and so the user will be able to view it only after he opens the entry card. Additionally, you can set the Font for the text fields.

The example below shows the difference between specific display option:

Mobile: Display options

Last but not least parameter is Dependencies. It allows you to define whether the field is visible or not depending on the value added to other fields. Note that to create a dependency, there should be at least one conditional field like Boolean (Checkbox) or Radio Buttons.

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