Rearranging data

Libraries may content a huge quality of data, so it’s better to rearrange the entries to get the most convenient access to them. The easiest way to distinguish some entries is to add them to Favorites. Besides or additionally, you can sort the entries inside one Library or search for an entry through the whole database.

Sorting entries

By default, all entries are sorted depending on the time of their creation. But you can add any sorting rule you need. To sort the entries inside the Library, click Sorting icon  icon from the toolbar (1), choose the fields you want to sort by (2), define whether you want the ascending or descending sort order (3) and click OK (4):

Sorting entries: settings

To cancel the sorting, click  icon from the toolbar, choose all fields in Sort order list, double-click them and click OK.

Searching for entries

No matter how big your database is, all data is always at hand in Memento Database. If you need to find a single one entry from any Library, perform the following easy steps: choose Search item in the sidebar (1), click Find option in Edit menu (2) or use Ctrl + F hotkey. You will get the following window:

Searching for an entry

Here you need to type the search parameters (3) and choose a Library or several ones (4) as a search source. All found entries will appear in the table below the search panel.

Note that searching through big database that is used on several devices or is shared between a user group may take some time. If you notice that the searching process becomes too slow, go to File menu and choose Rebuild search index option. It will launch the re-indexing that will take a few moments and will allow Memento Database to search the required info much faster for you.

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