Creating an entry

There are several ways to fill Library with data. The basic one is adding entries one by one. Entry is a structured entity of data. Its structure depends on the fields that have been added while the Library was created. That is why creating an entry is a unique process strictly determined by Library properties.

To create a new entry, open the Library and click Mobile: Add button icon there. If the Libraries are shown as tiles, the “Add” icon is available from the tile too.

On Create entry screen, you will be able to add data to the predefined fields. Some fields may content a hint that describes what should be added here. Some fields may be required (marked with a red star) while others are not. Also, some fields may be calculated, so you don’t need to enter anything and their data will be calculated from other fields:

Android: create an entry

After you added all needed info, tap the check mark at the top-left corner of the window to save a new entry or choose Cancel from the burger menu at the top-right corner of the window to discard the changes. Anytime later you will be able to edit or remove the entry.

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