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Memento Database is easy-to-use but if you still have some questions, want to get to know more about features or are going to suggest the new one, we are here to help. Please use the following resources to get explicit info, leave feedback and find more:

  • Official site contains the basic info about the product, its licensing model, features and allows you to download Mobile or Desktop edition.
  • Wiki includes explicit and comprehensive information about how Libraries, Entries, Scritps and Calculations work.
  • Online Help Guide gives you everything you need to know about features of the Desktop Edition. You are already here.
  • User voice form is created for those who want to suggest a feature. Memento Database is being developed actively, so we are happy to read your ideas about the new features.
  • Google group works as a Forum, where you can ask questions, leave your feedback and discuss Memento Database both with the developers and other users.

If you don’t know where to start with the help guide, here are several ideas:

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