While Calculations are about a single entry, Aggregation is a math function applied to all entries in Library by the selected field. It helps you to find the minimal, maximal or average value or the total sum.

To add Aggregations, follow the steps below:


  1. Select Aggregation row in the Library. It is under all fields you’ve added
  2. Click Adding an entry to set a new function
  3. In the window that will be opened, set the Field you want to aggregate by
  4. Define the Function: Min, Max, Average, Sum
  5. Add Prefix — a short string that will be shown near this aggregation in Library and should be understandable for an end user
  6. Adjust additional parameters for specific field types
  7. Click OK

Here is how the Aggregations will be shown in Library:


Note that Aggregation is calculated for each Group of the Library separately.

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