Adding a Library from Online catalog

Online catalog consists of numerous Library templates created and shared by Memento Database community. You can choose one to use as a skeleton and edit it as you wish. To create a new Library based on the template, choose Add Library option from burger menu at the top-right of the […]


To make it easier to an end user to add data to Library, you can use the open sources with data for some specific information like movies, books, music artists, etc. Also, you can set your custom libraries and define personal queries to get info from. To allow the automatic […]


Aggregation is a math function applied to all entries in Library by the selected field. It helps you to find the minimal, maximal or average value or the total sum. To add Aggregation, open the relevant tab and click  icon. Here you will need to adjust: The math function The […]

Pages & subheaders

Big Libraries that consist of many fields may embarrass the end user. To make the structure logical and easy, we advise you to divide the content into pages and subheaders. By default, there is one page — Main, but you can add as many as you need and set the […]


Fields are the core element of any table. Once you’ve finished with the Main settings of the new Library, it’s time to add some fields.   To create a new field, switch to Fields tab, click  button and choose the needed field type. Depending on the type, fields have different properties […]

Creating a Library from scratch

To create a new Library from scratch and adjust each and every field manually, choose Add Library option from burger menu at the top-right of the window and tap Empty Library. In the window that will be opened, start from the Main tab and set: Library name to distinguish it […]

How to add a Library?

To add a new Library, go to My Libraries window or open any previously created group and choose Add Library option from the burger menu at the top-right of the window. Here you will be able to choose the way of how to create a database: Empty Library option allows […]


Everything is adjustable in Memento Database. To get access to the main app Settings, choose the relevant option from the main menu. Here you can set the following: Database Location option shows where to store the Libraries. You can set the custom path if needed. File Storage option sets the […]

User interface

Memento Databases launches from My Libraries window where you can see the list of all databases you created and own. You can adjust the way how Libraries list looks and do the following essential things: Add Library using the template, the ready-to-go one from online catalog, the special wizard or […]


Memento Database started from Mobile Edition, and still the mobile app includes the most comprehensive functionality packed into easy-to-use and lightweight solution for Android devices. There are several core features that make Memento Database essential for those who work with databases on the mobile device: Immense list of field types […]