Add a Library from scratch

To create a Library from scratch, you need to click on the  button in the upper-right corner of Local or Cloud tab, and choose Start from scratch option. After that, you can customize your Library with the following settings:

  • Set a Library name, then click on  to choose an Icon for this particular Library. You can also customize the Color by clicking on  icon.
  • Time to adjust the fields that you will be using in this Library: click Add field to add an item, and press Edit to remove or rearrange the added fields. Make sure to check out all the Types of fields that are available within the application.
  • Click on Aggregation to add the functions related to the content of your Library.
  • Click on Scripts if you wish to automate the way your Library works.
  • Click Autofill to simplify the filling process for the end-user.
  • To add another Page to your Library, click on the  icon in the lower-right corner.

If you have a change of heart and wish to add a Library from the Online Catalog, or from File, click on the icon in the lower-left corner, and choose the relevant option.

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