Most actions you can perform with Memento Database are grouped into main menu. Depending on what is chosen in the sidebar now, the menu may have different items. In general, there are 5 menu groups:

File menu allows you to:

  • Create a New Library from scratch
  • Find and Open by URL a Library from Memento Cloud. To find the needed link, click Properties item from Library context menu in Desktop Edition or More item from Library burger menu in Mobile Edition
  • Refresh library list to check if some data has been updated on other devices
  • Rebuild search index to fix the issues with altered index of data entries that may cause the slow and inaccurate search process
  • Logout from your personal account
  • Exit Memento Database Desktop

While the list of Libraries is active now, Edit menu allows you to Find an entry from all Libraries in the database. If the particular Library is chosen, then Edit menu allows you to:

  • Create an Entry that will be added to the chosen Library
  • Select All entries
  • Edit Library structure: fields, aggregations, options
  • Adjust Permissions of users that have access to this Library
  • Create and add Scripts
  • Edit one or several entries that are selected now
  • Delete one or several entries that are selected now
  • Copy all data from an entry to a new one
  • Add or Remove from Favorites one or several entries that are selected now
  • Open any entry in New Window to get a clear view to all data added to it

Data menu is available for the Library only. It allows you to:

  • Import from CSV… to add a bulk of data to the selected Library
  • Export to CSV… to create a *.csv file that may be used in other applications

Account menu allows you to:

  • Get more about Plans and Pricing and upgrade your subscription
  • Get access to User manager to create users and user groups and adjust their permissions

Help menu allows you to:

  • Visit Memento Webpage with the basic information about both Desktop and Mobile Editions, pricing, useful links and more
  • Go to Memento Forum with customers’ requests and discussions
  • Switch the interface Language
  • Check for Update… of Memento Database Desktop
  • Get the short info in About of the project

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